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Test Post 4

“It was easy to spot her. All you needed to do was look at her socks. They were never a matching pair. One would be green while the other would be blue. One would reach her knee while the other barely touched her ankle. Every other part of her was perfect, but never the socks. They were her micro act of rebellion.Hopes and dreams were dashed that day. It should have been expected, but it still came as a shock. The warning signs had been ignored in favor of the possibility, however remote, that it could actually happen. That possibility had grown from hope to an undeniable belief it must be destiny. That was until it wasn’t and the hopes and dreams came crashing down.
He watched as the young man tried to impress everyone in the room with his intelligence. There was no doubt that he was smart. The fact that he was more intelligent than anyone else in the room could have been easily deduced, but nobody was really paying any attention due to the fact that it was also obvious that the young man only cared about his intelligence.
It was difficult for him to admit he was wrong. He had been so certain that he was correct and the deeply held belief could never be shaken. Yet the proof that he had been incorrect stood right before his eyes. “”See daddy, I told you that they are real!”” his daughter excitedly proclaimed.
Sometimes it’s the first moment of the day that catches you off guard. That’s what Wendy was thinking. She opened her window to see fire engines screeching down the street. While this wasn’t something completely unheard of, it also wasn’t normal. It was a sure sign of what was going to happen that day. She could feel it in her bones and it wasn’t the way she wanted the day to begin.
There wasn’t a bird in the sky, but that was not what caught her attention. It was the clouds. The deep green that isn’t the color of clouds, but came with these. She knew what was coming and she hoped she was prepared.
It was a scrape that he hardly noticed. Sure, there was a bit of blood but it was minor compared to most of the other cuts and bruises he acquired on his adventures. There was no way he could know that the rock that produced the cut had alien genetic material on it that was now racing through his bloodstream. He felt perfectly normal and continued his adventure with no knowledge of what was about to happen to him.
“”Begin today!”” That’s all the note said. There was no indication from where it came or who may have written it. Had it been meant for someone else? Meghan looked around the room, but nobody made eye contact back. For a brief moment, she thought it might be a message for her to follow her dreams, but ultimately decided it was easier to ignore it as she crumpled it up and threw it away.
She looked at her student wondering if she could ever get through. “”You need to learn to think for yourself,”” she wanted to tell him. “”Your friends are holding you back and bringing you down.”” But she didn’t because she knew his friends were all that he had and even if that meant a life of misery, he would never give them up.
“”Explain to me again why I shouldn’t cheat?”” he asked. “”All the others do and nobody ever gets punished for doing so. I should go about being happy losing to cheaters because I know that I don’t? That’s what you’re telling me?

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